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Published on February 23, 2024
Austin Car Show Shooting Leaves One Dead, Suspect Carlos Rivera Charged with MurderSource: Austin Police Department

Austin was rocked by a car show-turned-crime scene after a fatal shooting took someone's life, with police pinning the blame on 49-year-old Carlos Rivera. The incident, which unfolded during the Freestyle Saturday 4th Annual Car Show on Feb. 3, resulted in the untimely death of 20-year-old Christian Loredo. Acting on numerous tips and a witness ID, authorities managed to apprehend Rivera four days later on Feb. 7, and he's currently staring down the barrel of a murder charge while clamped behind bars on a $1 million bond, CBS Austin reported.

According to the details disclosed by the Austin Police Department, Rivera is alleged to have pulled the trigger during a robbery executed with cruel precision, as Loredo sat unsuspecting in his black truck. Pounced upon while waiting to leave the event, Loredo's cousin recounted, in a chilling narrative to the police, running to the back of the vehicle after being assaulted and stripped of his belongings by a fourth assailant that the cousin initially feared something would happen, as reported by CBS Austin. Moments later, his worst fears materialized in a volley of gunfire, which snuffed out Christian Loredo's life.

The investigation, while tightly focused on Rivera as the key suspect, continues to unfold with the recent issuance of a search warrant for the deceased's phone data. Austin police aim to untangle the web further and identify other potential culprits linked to Rivera. However, concrete details were hard to come by regarding the contents of the search warrant, with the Austin American-Statesman's attempts at access hitting a brick wall on Thursday.