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Published on February 25, 2024
Austin Firefighters Tame Blaze at Vacant Building, Probe Underway to Uncover CauseSource: Austin Fire Department

Flames engulfed a vacant building in central Austin on Saturday, prompting a response from local fire crews as they worked to quell the blaze. According to FOX 7 Austin, the fire erupted in the 600 block of St. John's Avenue around 2 p.m., where firefighters fought to knock down the ferocious fire that had taken hold of the unoccupied structure.

After their initial efforts, the Austin Fire Department confirmed the fire had been subdued, crews moved swiftly to address lingering hot spots ensuring no rekindling would occur but the aftermath of their effort left the area congested, prompting officials to advise drivers to steer clear of the vicinity. As firefighters worked at the scene near the intersection with Guadalupe Street, the cause of the inferno remained undetermined.

The impact of the incident extended beyond the immediate danger posed by the flames—as CBS Austin reported, firefighters responded promptly to the emergency call at 12:50 p.m., battling the blaze until its intensity waned and it was sufficiently extinguished. 

The fire department remain vigilant as they dove into the routine but crucial work of combing through debris for hot spots to prevent any further flare-ups. Road closures and detours persisted as the cleanup operation continued, drivers across the city found themselves navigating around the hubbub of emergency response efforts, and authorities remained on the scene to maintain safety and order until the potential hazard was fully nullified.