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Published on February 22, 2024
Car Fire on Mass. Pike Ramp to Copley Causes Major Delays for Boston CommutersSource: Google Street View

A blaze engulfed a car on the Mass. Pike earlier today, causing a major traffic snarl-up as Boston-bound commuters faced lengthy delays. The incident, which occurred on the eastbound ramp at Exit 133 to Copley, was reported by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation via X. The ramp was closed temporarily as emergency teams rushed to the scene.

Witnesses captured dramatic images showing the vehicle ablaze, with flames shooting from the engulfed car, causing rubbernecking back-ups that quickly grew into a slog for drivers already navigating the morning rush. According to WHDH, all lanes have since been cleared and reopened, restoring the flow of the snarled traffic to its normal pace.

The cause of the fire remains unclear, and authorities have not released any information regarding potential injuries or what may have sparked the fire. The case is currently under investigation as officials seek to understand the series of events leading up to the fiery incident.

Commuters trapped in the resulting gridlock took to social media to express their frustration. Videos and pictures circulating online showed a scene of chaos, highlighting the harrowing moments for the vehicles immediately around the fire, caught unsuspecting on the ramp. Once the vehicle was extinguished and the smoke cleared, it gave way to relief that the incident did not lead to a larger catastrophe.

Travelers have been advised to stay informed about traffic conditions as the investigation continues and the area fully returns to normal operations. Massachusetts authorities are expected to issue a statement with additional details as they become available.