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Published on February 22, 2024
Community and Massachusetts State Police Rally to Find Missing 16-Year-Old Aubrey Pollinger from NorthbridgeSource: X/Mass State Police

Authorities are on the lookout for a 16-year-old girl, Aubrey Pollinger, who has been reported missing from Northbridge. The search intensified after the Massachusetts State Police disseminated an alert on X earlier today in a bid to gather public assistance in locating the teenager.

The post from Massachusetts State Police describes Aubrey as missing and provides a photograph to help identify her, the public is urged to report any information that might lead to her whereabouts, although officials have not released further details about when or under what circumstances she vanished, the call for aid is clear.

Community concern is mounting as time passes since the initial announcement, local volunteers and Aubrey's acquaintances have started their own grassroots campaign to amplify the police's efforts; they're sharing the alert widely on social media, pasting posters around Northbridge, and canvassing the area in hopes of finding clues.

Northbridge Police, spearheading the investigation, are keeping tight-lipped about their ongoing efforts to find Aubrey but have acknowledged the significant role that public involvement plays in cases like these every lead could be pivotal, and the clock ticks merciless, they underscore the importance of vigilance and community cooperation during this critical time.

Anyone with information that can aid in the recovery of Aubrey Pollinger is encouraged to contact the Northbridge Police or the Massachusetts State Police, as both agencies are collaborating closely to resolve this pressing matter and bring Aubrey back to safety.