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Published on February 20, 2024
Crime Rates in San Francisco Show Remarkable Decline in January 2024, Officials ReportSource: Google Street View

Crime in San Francisco is on the downturn with January stats showing a significant dip. Following a year heralded for its major crime reduction, the trend has persisted into 2024. The figures, announced by city officials, tout a 32% plunge in property crime and an 11% drop in violent crime in January 2024 compared to the same month last year, as per the San Francisco Public Safety Update.

The results come after a concerted drive by local, state, and federal law enforcement, translating into tangible outcomes. With a 39% reduction in larceny theft and car break-ins, and 20% fewer burglaries, San Francisco streets are becoming safer. There’s also been an 11% decline in robberies. Even when stacked against pre-pandemic levels, the improvement is noteworthy. Compared to January 2018-2020, property crime and violent crime are down by 40% and 24%, respectively.

San Francisco’s Mayor, London Breed, emphasized the city’s ongoing commitment to law enforcement and accountability, stating, "We are committed to continuing to be aggressive in enforcing our laws while also offering people alternatives when they do cross the line. We are a city of compassion and second chances, but we also are a city that will continue to hold those who break the law accountable." Breed expressed gratitude toward the myriad agencies and offices contributing to the steep decline.

Recent operations leading to notable arrests also underscored the city's proactive stance on crime. District Attorney Brooke Jenkins highlighted the importance of the reductions, "Although we are starting to see some positive indicators, now is the time to double down and invest more resources strategically so that our residents, workers and visitors feel safer in our City," Jenkins was quoted in the official statement.

Plans are underway to maintain and build upon these law enforcement initiatives. San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) is looking to increase its ranks by graduating another Police Academy class in February and expedite filling additional open positions. Besides, the implementation of new technologies, such as installing 400 automated license plate readers to combat retail theft and other crimes, is also on the docket. Simplifying police paperwork to maximise street presence further anchors the city's strategy to achieve lasting safety improvements.