East Palo Alto Police Issue Urgent Appeal for Witnesses Following University Ave. Stabbing

East Palo Alto Police Issue Urgent Appeal for Witnesses Following University Ave. StabbingSource: Google Street View
Tony Ng
Published on February 10, 2024

East Palo Alto Police are on the hunt for a suspect following a violent stabbing incident that left one man fighting for his life and another with minor injuries. The attack, which took place near University Ave. at Bell St. on the evening of February 8, has shaken the local community.

Officers responding to the scene at approximately 8:25pm found two male victims, as mentioned in a press release by the City of East Palo Alto. Suffering from stab wounds, the men gave a brief description of their attacker before the suspect, sporting a mustache and a dark hooded sweatshirt, made his escape.

The more seriously injured victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was listed in critical condition. His companion received treatment for less severe wounds right there amidst the flashing lights of the police cruisers and the wailing of the sirens that pierced the night, cutting through the usually quiet neighborhood.

Authorities are urging the public to step forward with any information that might lead to the apprehension of the suspect. "The East Palo Alto Police Department needs our community’s assistance with this investigation," said the statement provided by the department, emphasizing the gravity of the witness testimony in resolving the case.

Acting Detective Sergeant Klein is the main contact for tips at the East Palo Alto Police Department, reachable at 650-833-9904. For those wishing to remain out of the spotlight, anonymous tips can be made via email to [email protected], text to 650-409-6792, or by voice mail at the same number.

The investigation is ongoing, and as the community holds its breath for the second victim to stabilize, law enforcement officials are piecing together the scant evidence available to track down the assailant who melted away into the dark, leaving behind a trail of questions and very few answers.