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Published on February 02, 2024
$2M Cocaine Stash Washes Up on South Padre Island BeachSource: Cameron County Park Ranger Division

Beachgoers hunting for seashells on South Padre Island this week stumbled upon a far less innocent find: a gargantuan haul of cocaine valued north of $2 million. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Cameron County Parks Rangers made the discovery Tuesday morning near Beach Access 3, according to a report from KSAT.

The rangers, who regularly patrol the area, found a large black bag containing 25 bricks of the drug. Cocaine trafficking has long to try to use the Gulf of Mexico as a conduit for smuggling, but it's not every day that the evidence just washes up onshore here at Stateside. Each brick, as detailed by Express News, was wrapped in cellophane and adorned with the image of a toucan — the weight of the total find approximating 70 pounds.

Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez hailed the collaborative effort that led to the discovery and subsequent seizure. "Outstanding coordination and collaboration with our partners,” she said in a statement obtained by KSAT. “These narcotic smuggling cases highlight the threat by Drug Trafficking Organizations impacting our region every day.”

While details around how the drugs ended up on this family-friendly beach are murky, authorities are clear on the message they hope to send. Incidents like these serve to only show the relentless push by law enforcement to rapidly respond to and investigate drug trafficking activities. The cocaine's street value might be high, but so is the commitment to keeping it off the market, the feds say. This latest run-in with rogue narcotics isn’t going to turn the tides—enforcement agencies intend to rigorously continue their war on drugs.