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Published on February 23, 2024
Driver Exits SUV Unharmed After Plunge into Westborough's Assabet RiverSource: Facebook/Westborough Fire Department

A late-night plunge in the Assabet River, emergency crews were dispatched to salvage a partly submerged SUV, officials said. According to the Boston 25 News, the Westborough Fire Department was on the scene at Maynard Street where the vehicle was found with front-end damage and shattered windows; how it ended up in the river remains a mystery.

Breaking the stillness of the night around 9:30 p.m., the firefighters arrived quickly at 25 Maynard Road, positioned south of Route 9 to find the driver had already self-extricated from the car, which had dived —the driver, remarkably, walked away without necessitating medical attention. The responders, not taking any chances with the environment, decided to lay down a boom in the river, taking strides to contain any fuel or hazardous fluids that might have begun to seep from the vehicle.

The Westborough Fire Department then coordinated the retrieval of the sunken vehicle from the Assabet, summoning a crane to lift the automobile from its watery bed, according to

Details surrounding the cause of the crash and the identity of the motorist remain undisclosed.