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Published on February 26, 2024
Phoenix Invites Residents to Tackle Drought Challenges in Innovative Simulation GameSource: City of Phoenix

Phoenix is diving headfirst into the challenge of water management with the debut of a cutting-edge Drought Simulation Game (Drought Sim), and they're calling on residents to step up to the plate. Developed by the Phoenix Water Services Department’s Conservation Team, Drought Sim puts you in the hot seat as a city water policymaker grappling with a severe drought. Players have to quickly make decisions to combat water shortages over nine rounds, balancing the needs of families, companies, and farms against the ticking clock of a three-year timeline.

In what could be seen as a digital crystal ball into the real-life difficulties faced by cities across the nation, Drought Sim offers not just an engaging experience but also a crucial educational opportunity. According to the City of Phoenix Water Services Department, Phoenix itself has been ahead of the curve, engaging in strategic water conservation planning for over a century. With a diverse water portfolio, the city continues to explore new ways to bolster supplies and promote a conservation culture among its residents.

Elijah Tangenberg, a Water Resource Specialist and co-creator of Drought Sim, emphasized the game's role in demystifying water resource management. "Water is complicated, but every community relies on this vital resource to thrive," Tangenberg told the department's newsroom. The game aims to illustrate the significance of water management decisions and their impact on daily life in a tangible way.

With community engagement at its heart, Phoenix’s water conservation team sought to craft an interactive tool that could both educate and empower. "The Phoenix Water conservation team’s goal was to engage people through a game that empowers learners,” said Virginia Svec, a Water Resource Specialist and co-creator of the game. Participants will have to use critical thinking to strategically manage their city's water without neglecting economic and social imperatives.

Drought Sim is currently undergoing beta testing, with player feedback poised to shape the game's future development and potential classroom application. Schools and organizations interested in trying out the game and offering feedback can reach out via email to [email protected].

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