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Published on February 22, 2024
Phoenix's I-10 Deck Park Tunnel Troubled by Unplanned Showers Amidst Irrigation IssuesSource: Arizona Department of Transportation

Phoenix drivers, tune in: The I-10 Deck Park Tunnel's got a leak, and it's been causing a bit of a splash on commuter windshields. As 12News reported, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is flagging folks to the waterfall escapade near 7th Avenue in Phoenix, thanks to a kaput valve from Margaret T. Hance Park's irrigation system that turned the roadway a touch treacherous.

The valve was thrown in the towel but now stands as fixed, though it's left behind a legacy that's dripping down into the tunnel, according to ADOT, while surveillance continues to show a moist memento on the freeway's face, seriously though the Arizona Department of Transportation is actively monitoring the tunnel, keeping an eye out for residual risks, these updates relayed by 12News.

The seemingly serene Phoenix’s Deck Park Tunnel is actually an architectural oddity; it's not just a tunnel, but an elaborate ensemble of 19 bridges side by side, blanketed by the park above, as clarified in a nifty piece by FOX 10 Phoenix. Since its inception in 1990, it's carried countless travelers from coast to coast but lately, it's been doling out unplanned car washes, courtesy of park irrigation gone rogue.

Residents have been chuckling at the irony of water warnings before ducking into the underpass, drivers like Dawn Marino revealing to FOX 10 Phoenix, "We didn’t know where all this water was coming from," locals thought ‘beware of the water’ was almost humorous until understanding the extent of the issue and another commuter, Sergio Munoz quipped, “I don’t know what kind of liquid is coming out of that. If it’s dirty, might as well wash your car because it does leave a little bit of a residue behind." Repairs in 2015 tried to cork the problem, but those transverse joints? They're still on the to-do list, says ADOT.

ADOT has a master plan in the works to button up the tunnel for good, aiming to replace those leaky joints, but it's no weekend DIY project: accessing them means negotiating some upcoming park renovations. There's no word yet from the City of Phoenix on a start date for the park's facelift, yet a contractor's already warmed up on the sidelines ready to play ball when the time comes.