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Published on February 21, 2024
San Diego Humane Society Unveils Historic $250 Million 'More Humane' Campaign to Revolutionize Animal WelfareSource: San Diego Humane Society

In a groundbreaking move for animal welfare, the San Diego Humane Society has launched an audacious fundraiser titled "More Humane: The Campaign for Animals," aiming to pull together a whopping $250 million. This campaign marks a first in their 144-year history and has grand plans to bolster the welfare of animals across San Diego County and set a new national precedent.

The initiative is sprawling and multi-faceted, designed to aid our furry friends immediately and tackle the underlying issues that threaten their well-being. The Humane Society announced that they plan to "Save the lives of vulnerable animals while addressing the systemic issues that put their lives at risk," as reported on their Facebook page.

But they're not stopping at rescue operations. The campaign is breaking ground, ready to lead, build, and sustain. In their announcement, they expressed their intention to "Lead the way nationally to reduce suffering and save lives through our nationally innovative programs as well as partnerships." Their forward-thinking strategy involves pumping funds into infrastructure that will safeguard animals and engage the community at large.

All this high-flying ambition comes with a hefty price tag, which they hope to meet through public generosity. "Our community will Sustain the work of the San Diego Humane Society and secure a safer future for animals through their generosity," the announcement stated. Supporters interested in aiding this transformative campaign and propelling San Diego to become the best place in the world for animals are encouraged to contribute at