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Published on February 26, 2024
Surprise and Scottsdale, Arizona Rank Top for Renters Saving Money, Data Analysis RevealsSource: Unsplash/ Maximillian Conacher

A recent data analysis from RentCafe puts these suburban oases at the top of the list for renters wanting to maximize their income after the bills are paid. Surprise notably snags the second-best spot nationwide, offering residents an impressive balance between earnings and living costs.

Surprise residents find themselves in an enviable position, seemingly able to effortlessly manage rent, utilities, and daily expenditures against their median income. According to RentCafe, which factored income against rent and essentials across 189 U.S. cities, Surprise was the #2 city where residents have the best balance among rent, utilities, and daily expenses.

Ppondering a Scottsdale abode, you could be looking at an annual median income of roughly $82,865 — the eighth-highest in the States — against a monthly cost of essentials that's in line with the average at $1,087, according to ABC15. But it's the residents of Surprise who are sitting pretty with an even better median income of $86,236 — which is the country's seventh-highest. They're only dedicating a sliver of their earnings to cover average rent of $1,781.

Necessities like food, healthcare, and transportation reportedly cost less than the national average, and these figures are the lowest in the state, making the city's income-to-expenses ratio one of the most favorable around. "Surprise boasts a stellar income-to-expenses ratio, with disposable income far outweighing the costs for essentials like food ($59), healthcare ($269), transportation ($41), and goods and services ($183) — all of which are below the national average. In fact, these expenses are the lowest in the state." reported AZ Big Media. Even with utility costs hitting above average, renters in Surprise only use up a modest portion of their earnings to cover these expenses.

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