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Published on February 22, 2024
Suspects Arrested and Charged After Unintended Gunshot Sparks Probe in SouthbridgeSource: Facebook/Southbridge Police Department

A careless trigger pull led to chaos and arrests in a quiet Southbridge neighborhood this week after a gunshot pierced through an apartment floor. According to the Southbridge Police Department on Facebook, officers responded to reports of gunfire at a Union Street address on Monday, February 19.

Investigators quickly uncovered that a round was unintentionally fired from a third floor apartment, penetrating the ceiling of the unit just below. The suspects, apparently realizing the gravity of their mistake, dashed from the scene before authorities could make heads or tails of the situation. First on scene, the officers managed to find 27 rounds of 9mm ammunition and one spent casing, but the gun responsible for the shot was nowhere to be found.

Further detective work led to a tip-off about the missing firearm, directing the police to another address on High Street. There, a perimeter was promptly established as officers zeroed in on their suspects. It was at this location that officers saw a woman, later identified as Azani Kelley, discard a trash bag from a third floor apartment, which upon inspection, contained the 9mm handgun involved in the Union Street incident.

After what authorities have called a "lengthy investigation," 19-year-old Azani Kelley and 23-year-old Jonathan L. Rogers were taken into custody and are now facing multiple charges, including being in possession of a large capacity firearm, and obstruction of justice, and unlawful possession of ammunition. Both Kelley and Rogers were arraigned at Dudley District Court on February 20, 2024, with bail set at $2,540 and $5,040 respectively.