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Published on February 28, 2024
Tarrant County's TC 5 Stones Taskforce Rallies Community in the Fight Against Sex TraffickingSource: Fort Worth Police Department

Fighting to put an end to the terror of sex trafficking, TC 5 Stones Taskforce convened yesteryear, on February 27, to drive forward their mission in Tarrant County with the support of Assistant Attorney General Brody Burks. Serving as the keynote speaker, Burks provided vital insights to assist in the dismantling of this nefarious industry that preys upon the vulnerable, according to the Fort Worth Police Department.

The community network behind TC 5 Stones is renowned for its dedicated collaboration across various sectors in its attempt to obliterate the scourge of sex trafficking. This month's session, held at 1000 Calvert St., Forth Worth, TX 76107, was also available to a broader audience through a virtual option. Concerned citizens were invited to register online to join the fight from wherever they stood against this injustice.

During the meeting, attendees were briefed on the task force's progress and the complexities of sex trafficking cases within the county. The network's efforts, highlighted by workshops and educational programs, are aimed at not just rescue and recovery, but also at prevention and systematic change, often beginning with awareness and education.

For those unable to make the meeting or wishing to learn more about the work of TC 5 Stones Taskforce, further information and resources are made available on their official website. Those interested were steered toward the website to delve deeper into the fight against exploitation and to find ways to contribute to the cause.