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Published on February 22, 2024
Valley Nurse Rescues Woman at Glendale Walmart as Teen Thanks Rescuers for Crash SurvivalSource: Unsplash/ Michel E

A Valley nurse, Pamela Paduano, swift actions at a Glendale Walmart saved the life of Nannette Hicks who suffered cardiac arrest, in an extraordinary turn of events Hicks' later learned that Paduano worked at the hospital she was taken to. "I immediately didn't even think, I just said, 'I'm a nurse, I can help," Paduano said in the interview with ABC15, describing her quick intervention when she witnessed Hicks in distress at the store.

In a separate incident, a Glendale teenager, Landrie Stahl, along with her family, expressed her gratitude to the Good Samaritan and first responders who saved her life after a dire car crash, Stahl met her saviors at a Glendale fire station for a heartfelt thanks, detailed in a story obtained by AZ Central. "My only thought was 'Alright, I gotta grab her,'" Good Samaritan Boone explained his thoughts during the rescue, where teamwork and timely assistance played crucial roles in the survival of the 19-year-old after her accident.

Paduano, with nearly 15 years of experience in nursing, urged the need for heart evaluations and CPR knowledge, "Get your heart evaluated. Get screened. Go to the doctor, And I know for women especially, we don't take those symptoms too seriously," she advised following the incident, highlighting the importance of immediate action during cardiac emergencies. Hicks shared an overwhelming sense of fortune regarding where the event took place, adding that otherwise, she might have been alone and without aid, as per ABC15 report.

After Stahl's crash, which left her with a broken collarbone, and multiple head fractures causing a brain hemorrhage, the path to recovery was long and uncertain, the possibility of her needing lifelong assistance haunted her family during the initial days, but after multiple surgeries and intensive therapy, Stahl's condition improved significantly, overcoming even the difficulty of reclaiming her memories following elementary school, her family and multiple doctors remained involved in her ongoing treatment and recovery process, according to AZ Central.