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Published on March 02, 2024
Dallas Invites Residents to Shape Affordable Housing Policy with New Task ForceSource: Carol M. Highsmith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Dallas residents aren't the only ones looking to shake up urban housing policy. Dallas is cracking open its doors to civic engagement with a call for candidates to join its new Inclusive Housing Task Force. The initiative is part of the larger Dallas Housing Policy 2033 (DHP33), which was rubber-stamped last April as the city's blueprint for the next decade of affordable housing development and preservation.

Eager to knit community input into the fabric of its housing plans, the Dallas Housing Department is now accepting applications to both its selection committee and the task force itself. Designed to echo the diversity of Dallasites, the task force will feature a mosaic of members, from those waving the flag for residents to experts in lining the coffers of affordable housing projects. The original announcement, decked out in bureaucratic finery, was released on March 1st, as detailed in the City of Dallas bulletin.

What's on the agenda for these task force do-gooders? "Discuss policies and programs offered by the Housing Department," and "serve in a supportive role bridging communication between the Housing Department and residents," as per the City of Dallas. Those looking to pitch in their two cents will need to commit to a 1-3 year term and show their faces at least half the time at quarterly meetings to avoid the chop.

The Housing Task Force isn't just for show. This lot has been tasked with a slice of the action in putting DHP33 into motion. For those ready to roll up their sleeves and help Dallas tackle its housing inequality, the city has thrown open the digital doors to applications. Officials are spreading the word far and wide, encouraging community members to blast the opportunity across their networks. Questions and burning curiosities can be zapped over to the Housing Department via email at [email protected], as outlined in their bulletin. Surely, for those passionate about creating a Dallas that opens its doors wider, this could be the chance to leave its mark on the growing skyline of community-driven policy.