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Published on March 04, 2024
Fort Worth Honors Fallen Officer Ludwig W. Bruno on 47th Anniversary of Line-of-Duty DeathSource: Fort Worth Police Department

March 2nd marked the solemn anniversary of Officer Ludwig W. Bruno's tragic death in the line of duty. Officer Bruno was struck by a car on February 4, 1977, as he was directing traffic around a prior collision. He suffered grave injuries that led to his untimely passing almost a month later, at the young age of 29. The fleeing driver's car that struck him has cast a lasting shadow of injustice over the incident.

Bruno's end came as a consequence of complications from internal injuries, the main culprit being a blood clot in his lung. In addition to a broken leg and facial lacerations, those internal wounds proved fatal. Details of the incident, posted in a poignant reminder on the Fort Worth Police Department's Facebook page, underscore the inherent risk law enforcement officers face every day. "Officer Ludwig Bruno died from complications resulting from internal injuries he sustained when he was struck by a car that afterward fled the scene," the department memorialized, honoring an officer's sacrifice not forgotten.

In this forty-seventh year since the fatal incident, Officer Bruno's sacrifice continues to resonate within the community and his department. The hashtag #WeWillNeverForget punctuates the department's tribute to his service, reflecting a collective commitment to honoring fallen officers who have paid the ultimate price.

As investigations from years past remain with unhealed wounds, the remembrance of heroes like Officer Bruno prompts conversations about the perils that law enforcement officers willingly confront. The Fort Worth Police Department's post serves as a digital monument not only to Bruno's legacy but to the undying spirit of those who serve and protect.

As another year passes, echoes of the past prompt a somber reflection, and the community gathers, in spirit if not in person, around the memory of a man who stood in harm's way to serve his city. Bruno’s end of watch came too soon, but the reverence with which he is remembered endures, undiminished by the years.