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Published on March 03, 2024
L.A.'s Streets Erupt With Palestinian Solidarity, Thousands Demand Gaza Ceasefire Amid Soaring Death TollSource: Unsplash/Ömer Yıldız

Thousands gathered in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, in a powerful display of solidarity with the Palestinians, demanding an immediate ceasefire to halt the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Demonstrators filled the streets, their chants rippling through the air, many carrying Palestinian flags and banners with messages such as "Stop the Genocide" and "Free the 2 Million Hostages in Gaza," as per Los Angeles Times. This massive protest comes as the deadly turmoil between Israel and Hamas escalates, with the death toll climbing to a harrowing 30,000, which includes a significant number of women and children.

The protest not only called for an end to the violence but also marked a deep frustration with the international response to the conflict. "We are five months into one of the worst genocides of the 21st century," Ahmad Hasan, organizer of the Palestinian Youth Movement, told KTLA 5. In response, President Joe Biden has authorized humanitarian airdrops, with military planes dropping 38,000 meals to provide relief to desperate residents facing starvation. Yet, the protestors are imploring to more dramatically address what they see as gross injustices.

As the international community eyes a potential ceasefire, details emerge from U.S. officials indicating that Israel has in principle agreed to a proposal. This includes a six-week ceasefire and the release by Hamas of hostages deemed vulnerable, reported by the Los Angeles Times. The deal is yet to be finalized, with the world hoping to see a pause in the bloodshed before Ramadan commences.

Meanwhile, the scenes of protests mirrored in other cities globally, as governments like France and Germany join the chorus calling for an immediate ceasefire. The urgency ratcheted up following reports of over 100 Palestinians killed while seeking food from an aid convoy, a situation that Israeli officials attribute to a stampede rather than direct fire. "I am really ashamed of my government supporting genocide," one demonstrator in L.A., who wished to be known as Randy, told KTLA – his words echoing a sentiment felt widely across the protesting crowds.

Amidst the turmoil and outcry, detentions occurred during the L.A. demonstrations, where five people were arrested on varying charges connected to the protest activities, as shared by NBC4 and the Los Angeles Times. The acts of vandalism tied to the protests were clearly documented by officers on the scene.