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Published on March 04, 2024
VIDEO: Mansfield Bids Fond Farewell to Veteran Detective Paul Carson After 23 Years of ServiceSource: Mansfield Police Department

After giving over two decades of dedicated service to the community of Mansfield, Texas, Detective Paul Carson of the Tri County Auto Theft Task Force has hung up his badge. Announced in a heartfelt social media post by the Mansfield Police Department, Carson was lauded for his 23 years of commitment to law enforcement.

"Yesterday, we said Happy Retirement to a friend, a mentor, an MPD family member - Tri County Auto Theft Task Force Detective Paul Carson," the Mansfield Police Department declared, underscoring his valued role within the force and his extensive service to Mansfield's Municipal Government. The gratitude for Carson's work was clear, they voiced their appreciation and bade him to enjoy a well-earned retirement and not become a stranger to the precinct.

Carson, whose career has spanned over two decades tackling auto theft crime, has certainly left his mark on the department. Colleagues speak of him not just as a law enforcement officer but as a friend and mentor to many who have passed through the doors of the Mansfield Police Department during his long career.

In his time with the MPD, Detective Carson has seen changes in both the landscape of crime and in law enforcement tactics, yet he has remained an unwavering presence, his colleagues and community members have been inspired by his steely dedication and commitment to keeping their streets safer, one recovered vehicle at a time. The city's governing body and the police department have extended their best wishes to Carson, spotlighting the legacy of care and commitment he leaves behind.

The Mansfield Police Department's message to Carson concluded with a warm sentiment, "Thank you and enjoy your retirement. Don’t be a stranger, and please visit!" indicating a bond forged over years of service that extends beyond professional duty. Detective Carson’s retirement marks the end of an era for the Mansfield PD but also serves as a beacon of the impact one dedicated individual can have on a community and a profession.