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Published on March 01, 2024
Maricopa County's Human Services Department Enhances Portal for Easier Access to Assistance ProgramsSource: Maricopa County Official Website

Maricopa County residents in need of a hand are set for a smoother ride to assistance with an updated Client Portal from the county's Human Services Department (HSD). The new and improved system lets users quickly check what programs they might be eligible for, including early education, career services, and rental assistance. The portal, which was first launched in March 2021, is now available 24/7 and welcomes users in both English and Spanish.

In a move to boost the welfare of local families and communities, HSD director Jacqueline Edwards highlighted the portal's success. "The Client Portal is an integral part of our work to focus on maximizing the potential that lies within everyone, so that Maricopa County families and communities can thrive," Edwards stated. She noted that since the portal's inception, over 180,000 program applications have been submitted by more than 73,000 individuals, with a total of over $200 million in services being delivered.

Accessibility is a key component of the new portal. The system offers a trifecta of improvements, including the application for Head Start—an early education program for children from birth to 5 years old—the option to apply in Spanish, and a streamlined application process that can be accessed from any computer or mobile phone. The process is straightforward: users first pre-screen for eligibility, and then those who meet the criteria get to create an account and complete their application online.

According to, the Client Portal removes barriers and broadens access to vital programs, connecting County residents with the resources they need to succeed. It also underscores the county's commitment to equity and inclusion, ensuring that every community member has an opportunity to thrive. For more information or to start the application process, individuals can visit or call the HSD at 602-506-0589. A complete list of services is also available at

The Human Services Department is dedicated to fostering community resilience and well-being, supporting County residents facing hardships with a range of programs and services. These opportunities extend across various aspects of life—from early childhood education, housing, and homeownership, to services for seniors and adults with disabilities, career development for job seekers, and relief for those in crisis needing rental or utility assistance. As part of its mission, HSD is delivering innovative, equitable, inclusive, and comprehensive services in a collaborative approach, preserving dignity and promoting respect while enabling social and economic mobility. Detailed information on the financial, educational, and support resources available to Maricopa County residents can be fully explored at