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Published on March 03, 2024
Mother Endures 18-Year Search for Missing Son from San Antonio, Seeks ClosureSource: National Missing and Unidentified Persons System Official Website

Eighteen years have elapsed since the unsettling disappearance of James Preston Davis, an Edison High School graduate who vanished from his northeastern San Antonio home, leaving his mother in a relentless pursuit of answers. Pastor Angela Walden, still clinging to hope, endures the anguish of each passing day without her son. In a statement obtained by KENS5, Walden expressed her persistent sorrow, saying, "I cry everyday. I cry every night, before I go to sleep."

The night of March 2, 2006, marked the last known whereabouts of Davis, creating an aching void in the heart of his mother, who reminisced about her son as a popular and caring figure. Recalling an incident shared by KENS5, she told the tale of Davis walking miles home after giving his bus money to someone less fortunate, explaining his actions by saying, "Because mom, this man, he was hungry." After his disappearance, Walden relentlessly searched, distributing flyers, and reaching out to the homeless community by herself in hopes of finding a lead.

Life's tides eventually swept Walden to Alaska, where she joined one of her daughters but never ceased her yearly pilgrimages back to San Antonio, scouring the streets for any sign of James. With determination undimmed by years, the Italian Missing Children Institute has contributed to the effort by creating an age progression image of what Davis might look like now at 55, as an aid to Walden's quest.

Despite the passage of time, Walden is haunted by the absence of closure. As reported by KENS5, she admitted to struggling with deep depression and brokenness in the wake of her son's disappearance but has gradually learned to cope with her grief. Yet, the prospect of finding James and possibly laying his memory to rest offers a glimpse of peace for her weary heart. "I just want to know where he is. If he's gone someone please tell me. Let me go get him. Let me put him spiritually to rest," Walden conveyed, through a tapestry of hope and despair.

To those who may hold fragments of this 18-year-old mystery, any information regarding the whereabouts of James Preston Davis is urged to be shared with the San Antonio Police's Missing Persons Division at 210-207-7660. A community remains on watch, a mother's love endures undimmed, and the silent echo of James's absence lingers, waiting for the day of revelation or resolution.