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Published on March 01, 2024
Pentagon Technologies to Amplify Mesa's Tech Industry with $50M Precision Cleaning Hub, Creating 300 JobsSource: Facebook/Arizona Commerce Authority

Pentagon Technologies is set to beef up Mesa's semiconductor scene with a brand-new cleaning facility in southeast Mesa. Bringing up to 300 jobs to the table, the company's largest precision cleaning hub is gearing up to open its doors in Fall 2024. Positioned strategically on Ellsworth Road within the Gateway area, the Pentagon is looking to play a key role in supporting Arizona's claim as a semiconductor hotbed. The announcement, sourced from a Mesa city news release, couldn't come at a better time for the local workforce.

Housing a hefty $50 million capital investment, the upcoming 65,500 square-foot space is not only the Pentagon's most ambitious project to date but also a monument to state-of-the-art technology and optimized processes. Designed to cater to the industry leaders' hunger for precision, the cleaning facility is a response to rapid fab productivity demands. With operations underway, the fully vetted plan includes all necessary building requirements, land acquisition, and permits. “We are thrilled to partner with the City of Mesa in building a cutting-edge facility to support the growth of semiconductor fabs in Arizona. Our facility will have the capability to provide precision cleaning to industry leaders on the most advanced semiconductor tools in the industry,” said Dave Christeson, CEO of Pentagon, in a statement obtained by the city news release. "Our facility will have the capability to provide precision cleaning to industry leaders on the most advanced semiconductor tools in the industry."

Pentagon Technologies, now operating under the umbrella of Tokyo-based Kurita Water Industries Ltd., is well-integrated into the global semiconductor landscape. With a presence across the United States and beyond, including Israel, Ireland, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Japan, the company's expertise revolves around enhancing the lifespan and performance of sophisticated manufacturing equipment. Operating under the stock ticker 6370 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Kurita has earned acclaim for its solutions in water treatment and maintenance services catering to diverse technology sectors worldwide.

Arizona Commerce Authority President and CEO Sandra Watson, welcoming industry leader Pentagon Technologies to Arizona's innovative seats, recognized the company's contribution to fortifying the state's semiconductor resources. As she told the city news release, "Pentagon Technologies’ new facility strengthens Arizona’s already robust semiconductor supply chain, which is the fastest-growing in the nation."

It's not just the state officials who are buzzing over the Pentagon's arrival. Mesa Mayor John Giles also chimed in on the significance of the investment for the city. With enthusiasm, Mayor Giles stated, “Mesa has an important role to play in high-tech manufacturing and the semiconductor supply chain, and as part of that, we’re pleased to welcome Pentagon Technologies’ new facility,” He affirmed the move will bolster Mesa's position as an epicenter of innovation and economic development.

The sentiment was echoed by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council President & CEO Chris Camacho, who sees Pentagon's technical site services as a critical addition to the semiconductor supply chain in Greater Phoenix. The arrival of a competitive global outfit like Pentagon is celebrated as a boost to the region's economic climate while adding to Mesa's cache of high-tech manufacturing prowess.

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