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Published on March 04, 2024
Yavapai County to Redistribute Corrected Sample Ballots After Party Affiliation Printing ErrorSource: Unsplash/ Trinity Nguyen

To correct a recent printing error, Yavapai County announced it will be dispatching revised sample ballots to residents who were inadvertently entangled in the mix-up. Nearly 4,000 voters were caught in the snafu, which due to a blunder by the department's vendor, found the political party affiliations on their ballots flipped. The sample ballots, designed to prep voters for the real deal, ended up sowing confusion instead. Prompt detection of the mistake will see corrected ballots shipped out by March 5th, ABC15 reported.

"Upon discovering the error, we worked diligently with the vendor to determine the scope of the problem and to implement an action plan to correct it," Yavapai County Director of Elections Laurin Custis said in a statement obtained by ABC15. According to Custis, the amended sample ballots will be mailed out to each affected household by the aforementioned date. Voters who don't see a redone sample ballot in their mailboxes likely weren't affected by the initial error.

Although many might overlook the importance of a mere 'practice' ballot, these documents are crucial in ensuring a voter's confidence and clarity when facing the official versions. Not only do they convey the layout and content of the upcoming ballot, but they also reinforce the sense of participation within the civic process. The county reassures that the sample ballots, even if erroneous, would have no direct bearing on the actual casting and counting of votes, as they are not used in any official capacity.

Those curious to snag an early peek at the voting format won't miss out, as the county has made the sample ballots available online for viewing. By visiting the county’s website or clicking on the shared link by Yavapai Recorder, voters can review the sample ballots before the corrected paper versions arrive.