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Published on April 20, 2024
Alleged California Shoplifting Spree Ends in Arrest of Texas Fugitive, Two Accomplices in ColmaSource: Colma Police Department

The reckless road antics of a trio of alleged thieves came to a grinding halt when their getaway car gas tank hit empty in Colma, according to local authorities. On April 14, just before 7 pm, Colma Police were called to the scene of Junipero Serra Boulevard and Serra Center following reports of a black Mercedes-Benz blowing through two red lights only to come to an idle stop in the roadway.

Upon arrival, officers witnessed a male and a female walking away from the Mercedes, attempting to distance themselves and the vehicle before being intercepted by police. The male driver remained with the car and informed officers that the duo was headed to fetch gas. A quick records sweep by dispatchers revealed the driver was a Texas fugitive on parole, according to the Colma Police Department's report.

As things unraveled, the vehicle search turned up rifle ammunition in the driver's door, alongside piles of clothing still tagged with security sensors, ensnared in a shoplifting exposé. The driver didn’t take long to exchange his illegal cargo for a pair of handcuffs. The man and woman, who gave fake names initially, were also detained and later found to be linked to felony warrants themselves.

It was confirmed that the ill-fated shoplifting spree spanned two businesses on Serramonte Boulevard in Daly City, where the trio allegedly lifted over $1,450 in merchandise. Managing to wield wire cutters with felonious finesse, the male culprit severed the security sensors before fleeing the scenes. The Colma Police Department's public statement detailed the individuals' arrests and the charges that included burglary, grand theft, and conspiracy.

The driver, 64-year-old Mark Piercy from Austin, Texas, was booked on ammunition possession and assorted felony charges. His two accomplices didn't fare much better: Demetria Dyer, 51, and Joe Minix, 54, both from Oakland, were similarly booked for a litany of crimes, including burglary and grand theft, per the Colma Police Department's online briefing