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Published on May 28, 2024
50 Seniors and Pets Evacuated from Oakley Care Facility After Sewage Leak Causes Power ShutdownSource: Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

An unsettling scenario unfolded at a senior care facility in Oakley, California, where several individuals were reported to be trapped in an elevator on Sunday. Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to the distress call at the Senior Terrace building on Carol Lane, only to discover that a sewage leak from the second floor had sparked the emergency, as per Con Fire PIO's report. The leak, making its way to the building's main electrical room, prompted Pacific Gas and Electric to cut off power, deeming the situation a hazard.

With the power shut down, the stuck elevator problem was quickly resolved; no one was found inside the elevator. The fire department had to take prompt action, evacuating 50 residents and their pets and ensuring their safety. "We safely evacuated 50 residents with their pets and are working with management to relocate them while cleanup and repairs are completed," the fire department stated, according to an update on social media, per KTVU. The affected residents are now temporarily housed in a local hotel, as the building has an agreement for such emergencies.

The disconcerting sight of what is believed to be sewage filling a bathtub was recorded on video within the building. Contra Costa fire officials dispatched a county hazmat team to identify the substance conclusively. Battalion Chief Jeff Burris informed KTVU that the unit housing the bathtub was not occupied. As precautions were taken, ambulances were on the scene to aid in evacuating residents.

Burris also mentioned the fire department's familiarity with this building, having responded to previous flooding conditions there. Others at the scene brought additional concerns to light, suggesting that the building's garbage chutes have also been problematic. One claim, which KTVU has not confirmed, alleged that trash collection has not occurred as scheduled. As the cleanup efforts proceed, with residents displaced and in limbo, the return to normalcy seems distant for those who call the Senior Terrace their home.