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Published on May 26, 2024
Arizona Department of Transportation Receives $72,000 Grant to Boost Crash Data Collection EffortsSource: Google Street View

Arizona's roads might just get a bit safer thanks to a cash infusion supporting the fight against vehicular mayhem. The Arizona Department of Transportation’s knack for number-crunching vehicular calamities has received a $72,000 boost from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, according to an announcement made earlier this week.

The money marks an ongoing partnership, started since 2014, that puts an additional body in the ADOT's Crash Records unit. The grant shores up efforts to accurately report crash data critical to charting the state's course towards safer streets. As per the announcement, the data compiled is crucial for government agencies and various nonprofits to pinpoint danger zones and formulate strategies for a tight grip on traffic safety. Government's purse strings loosening annually toward this cause is a state effort to guard its citizens with proactive measures.

This financial backing from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety slots into a wider objective. The office serves as Arizona's highway safety commander-in-chief, challenging the status quo with initiatives that resonate across both public and private spheres to elevate awareness and drive policy changes in the traffic safety terrain. More info on the office’s mission and outcomes can be tapped at the website.

Interested parties including Joe Public can tap into the fruits of this grant by visiting, where ADOT’s reports on crash data serve as a roadmap of sorts for understanding the what, why, and how behind Arizona's traffic incidents. It's here that the rubber of raw data meets the road of public consumption, as interested folk dissect the intricacies of Arizona's traffic safety landscape.