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Published on May 22, 2024
Austin to Face Sweltering Heat and Potential Storms, Residents Urged to PrepareSource: Unsplash / Michael Fortsch

Austin is bracing for a mixture of sweltering heat and potentially damaging storms. High temperatures are projected to approach triple digits later this week, with a Sunday high of around 101 degrees. " Widespread haze before noon. Mostly sunny, with a high near 95. Heat index values as high as 102," the National Weather Service reports. Tonight, a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms, some severe, is on the radar.

As the heat index hovers over 100, a weakening cold front is expected to increase the likelihood of showers and storms, particularly in the Hill Country and possibly the Austin Metro area. Despite the high chance of some residents staying dry Wednesday night, "it’ll be our highest chance of rain for the next week," according to local forecasts. Moreover, the reported storm surge is expected to push through with possible repercussions including damaging wind and large hail.

KXAN advises residents to prepare for the forecasted conditions. The weather station suggests, "downloading the KXAN Weather App and setting it up for your particular area to get those alerts with a tone that will wake you up if storms are affecting where you live." In the face of these impending conditions, adopting proactive measures is emphasized so residents can stay informed and safe.

The anticipated swelter this weekend could mark the city's first time hitting the century mark in 2024. With such high temperatures, "The high heat and continued humidity will make it feel like 105-110º at times this weekend," as reported by KXAN, urging Austinites to practice heat safety through hydration and occasional breaks. Relief, though fleeting, is expected by next Tuesday when a cool front is likely to bring a moderate drop in temperatures with some, chance of rain.

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