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Published on May 29, 2024
Bomb Squad Called for Controlled Detonation of Old Explosives in HarwichSource: Facebook/Harwich Fire Department

Harwich residents got more bang for their buck than intended when a local citizen brought a bag of old explosives to the Public Safety Complex earlier today. The bag, uncovered during a house clearing, contained items deemed so dangerous that the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad was called in for a controlled detonation.

The Harwich Fire Department confirmed the unexpected find, emphasizing the risk associated with moving such volatile relics. "While notifying the Police and Fire Department when items like this are found is appropriate, we strongly urge that the items be left in place, so that we can come evaluate them safely," said a statement from the department. The concerned citizen's actions, while well-intentioned, resulted in a temporary shutdown of the Complex.

Following protocol, Police and Fire officials secured the area until the Bomb Squad could perform their specialized disposal operation. Authorities reported no incidents during the removal process, a stroke of luck considering the potential for harm that comes with handling aged explosives.

Today's scare serves as a stark reminder of the hidden dangers lurking in plain sight within our own communities. Harwich Fire used their Facebook page to reinforce a critical message: "These items are often old and unstable and bringing to the station put you at risk as well as causing the Complex to be shut down until they can be removed." Thankfully, the matter was resolved without injury.