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Published on May 24, 2024
Chandler City Council Unveils New Anti-Violence Ordinances Targeting Unruly Teen Gatherings and Brass Knuckles PossessionSource: City of Chandler, Arizona

In a decisive move, Chandler City Council has rolled out new measures aimed squarely at curbing teen violence within its borders; enforcing stringent rules against unruly parties and the possession of brass knuckles by minors, sweeping ordinances were unanimously agreed upon with a start date stamped for June 24, as reported by Chandler’s official news outlet.

Under these newly minted laws, crashing a rowdy blowout can land revelers in hot water, with the police now granted the power to break up, fine, or even slap cuffs on attendees of these so-called "unruly gatherings," a term that covers a gamut of activities from underage drinking to full-on brawls that leave marks, the specifics are detailed on the city's website—with penalties escalating to a class one misdemeanor which can dent wallets up to $2,500 and tag offenders with six months behind bars plus a probation period that could last a lengthy three years.

The crackdown doesn't stop at just partygoers; now if a minor is caught flaunting brass or metal knuckles, they're staring down the business end of the same class one misdemeanor charge, wielding the same hefty fines and potential jail time, so says the official city announcement.

After the laws come into play, city officials are hitting the streets for an extensive community outreach campaign targeting residents to spread the word—education first, enforcement second—a calculated approach to get ahead of rising concerns over youth violence that's been echoing through the city’s corridors of power, parents and teens alike will be schooled on what's now strictly off-limits in Chandler.