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Published on May 19, 2024
Click It or Ticket: Texas Law Enforcement Enforces Seat Belt Use with Statewide CampaignSource: Euless Police Department

The annual Click It or Ticket campaign is back, and law enforcement officers across Texas are ready to write you up if you're caught without a seat belt. Set to run from May 20 through June 2, the Euless Police Department, together with other state law enforcement agencies, are ramping up their efforts to ensure that vehicle occupants comply with seat belt laws.

A brutal truth: An unbuckled body in a crash travels at the same speed as the automobile it's inside. At 50 mph, that could mean a deadly encounter with a dashboard or windshield, or even a launch onto the asphalt. The Texas Department of Transportation points out that the seat belt is the "single most effective safety device in your vehicle." Yet, some folks still take their chances, ignoring both safety concerns and the risk of a hefty fine.

The emphasis on seat belt usage draws attention to the dangers of airbags when used as the sole protective measure. "Airbags can be big lifesavers. But without seat belts, they can be ineffective and even dangerous," warns the Euless Police Department. In a collision, airbags deploy with fierce speed, and without the restraint of a seat belt, occupants may find themselves in the path of harm rather than safety.

It's not just about avoiding the impact on your wallet, which can be up to $200 in court costs and fines, but also the far graver process of avoiding injury or death. As the Texas Department of Transportation underscores, everyone in the vehicle needs to be strapped in — driver, passenger, front seat, or back, with no exceptions. The stakes are clear: it's not only about following the law, it's about choosing life over a preventable tragedy.