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Published on May 27, 2024
Duncanville Officer Honored as "2023 Officer of the Year" for Outstanding Community ServiceSource: Duncanville Police Department

The Duncanville Police Department recently heralded one of its own as the "2023 Officer of the Year." Officer Johnson has been recognized for his exemplary service to the community, a public announcement by the Duncanville Police Department detailed vast amounts of his contributions over the past year, citing impressive figures that underline his commitment to duty.


In the line of duty, Officer Johnson has reportedly responded to 4,429 calls for service and completed 269 reports. He's also managed to issue 72 citations and has conducted 384 traffic stops. His active role in the Patrol Narcotics team was highlighted as well, with participation in a dozen joint operations with narcotics and SWAT. As noted in the Facebook post, Sgt. Roach described Johnson as an officer who is "always available and chomping at the bit to help." Roach also mentioned, "He’s a reliable go-to that we typically reach out to first when needing help", per the Duncanville Police Department.

Beyond his extensive patrol duties, Officer Johnson dedicates time on his days off to the department’s VIN inspection unit. Here, he conducted 46 inspections, ensuring vehicular compliance and safety within the community. His dedication extends to colleagues as well, as he is praised for maintaining a positive attitude and offering assistance to other officers, a trait that has not gone unnoticed within the department.

Officer Johnson's accolades for the year include receiving 1 certificate of Merit and 3 department commendations, underscoring his contributions and dedication. The Facebook post by the Duncanville Police Department has called upon the community to join in celebrating Officer Johnson's achievements under hashtags such as #duncanvillepolice and #weareduncanville, drawing attention to the hard work of their officers and fostering a sense of pride within the community.