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Published on May 23, 2024
Fort Worth Enhances MyFW App and Website to Include Spanish, Expands 311 Service AccessibilitySource: City of Fort Worth

Buenas noticias for Spanish speakers in Fort Worth – the MyFW App now operates en Español. The City has rolled out a new update to make its MyFW App and website accessible in Spanish, said to enhance service accessibility for the city's diverse demographic.

iPhone and Android users can set their device preferences to Spanish for a seamless MyFW experience, they need to select "General" or "General Management" respectively, and opt for Spanish. Meanwhile, web users just have to click a globe icon on the online request page for an instant language switch-up.

"This update is a crucial step in making City services more inclusive and accessible," the City of Fort Worth stated, underlining its commitment to all residents, irrespective of language.

Also on the accessibility front, Fort Worth now promotes a 311 dial-in service. Residents just have to call 311, or the 817-392-1234 number, to tap into City services. Sharon Gamble, the City's customer service head, told City News, "We are excited to offer another shorter path to call for City services. Dial 311 when in the city limits from your cell phone to reach our Contact Center."

The MyFW app is the digital hub for 25 departments and 48 divisions, supporting active engagement and improved service quality, with the addition of Spanish set to significantly benefit over 30% of the town's population who speak the language. Fort Worth is intent on ensuring that no resident gets left behind when it comes to accessing vital City assets.