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Published on May 24, 2024
Fremont Police Apprehend Quartet Suspected of Counterfeit Currency SchemeSource: Fremont Police Department

Fremont's streets were the stage for a counterfeit currency drama as four individuals peddling fake bucks got nabbed by vigilant local law enforcement. On May 14, in response to a store manager's report, Fremont Police descended upon a business on Warm Springs Boulevard. The alert came after the store's money handlers uncovered phony bills in their cash flows, tracing back to May 11 and May 13 transactions.

Determined eyes scrutinized the store's surveillance, which provided glimpses of the suspects and their vehicle, but the resolution left the license plate a mystery. The community's cameras, however, were not to be outdone. They picked up the slack, securing the plate details the store's footage could not. The Fremont Police, piecing together the crumbs of evidence, believed that the suspects' currency-faking antics spanned surrounding shopping districts. Hence, they launched a targeted operation in the nearby shops.

On May 19, the narrative came to a head when officers, emptying the police playbook of sleuth tactics, located the suspect's ride parked nonchalantly in front of a store on Mission Boulevard. The officers, taking no chances, detained the vehicle's two occupants. In a twist of fate, another two suspects walked right into the arms of the law, stepping out of the store after performing their counterfeit rite. In their possession, fake notes that held no real value, and for one of them, an outstanding warrant for making counterfeit currency added to their troubles.

The suspects, Daniel Gonzalez, Ricardo Cuevas, Isabel Siqueiros, and Claudia Siqueiros, are accused of toying with the economy. Their charges included "Penal Code 648 – Makes or issues unauthorized money" and "Penal Code 182 – Conspiracy," as detailed by the Fremont Police Department in a public release. A community on high alert paid off, with calls to action like "See something and say something" proving effective. Residents can report suspicious activities to Fremont PD at (510) 790-6800, option 3, or anonymously text "Tip FREMONTPD" followed by their message to 888-777.