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Published on May 29, 2024
Los Angeles Postal Worker Rescued by LAFD After Being Trapped in Conveyor Belts at Central Avenue FacilitySource: Google Street View

In a harrowing ordeal that unfolded in Florence yesterday evening, a postal employee was entrapped between two conveyor belts at the 7001 S Central Avenue facility, prompting a rapid response from the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). The emergency call came in at 8:58 PM, as described in the report provided by the LAFD. The technical rescue, incident number 1682, required the expertise of the department's Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team who worked diligently to free the trapped worker.

Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters were met with the sight of a trapped male postal employee, his leg wedged in a cruel embrace between the industrial equipment; the age of the victim was not immediately known, and firefighters, including the specialized members of the Urban Search and Rescue squad, launched into their rescue efforts, securing the area and employing their training to disentangle the man from the potential death grip of the machinery. "Firefighters, including Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), have successfully freed the patient from entrapment," the LAFD said in a brief statement, the patient was then transported to an area hospital, although his current medical condition remains a question yet unanswered.

The rescue operation involved multiple LAFD units including Battalion 13, Fire Station 33, and accompanying emergency medical services, showcasing the coordinated efforts required in such a high-stakes scenario. The personnel included teams from Engines 203, 205, and 233, Truck companies 3 and 5, and USAR units 3 and 88 in addition to Battalion Chief 1, highlighting the comprehensive response deployed to handle the situation effectively.

Details surrounding the cause of the incident or any potential long-term implications for the postal employee have not been provided at this time. The LAFD closed its statement ensuring that there would be "Nothing further" at the moment; the investigation into the accident is ongoing.