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Published on May 28, 2024
Mechanical Issue Triggers Emergency Scare on Spirit Flight from Jamaica to Fort LauderdaleSource: Unsplash/ Brice Cooper

Passengers on a Florida-bound Spirit Airlines flight faced a scare in the skies when they were instructed to prepare for a potential water landing due to a mechanical issue. The flight, originating from Montego Bay, Jamaica, was on its way to Fort Lauderdale when the incident unfolded Saturday afternoon. According to CBS News, the airline’s crew advised the passengers to don life vests and brace for the worst out of an abundance of caution.

Frightened flyers on flight NK270 were told not long after takeoff about the suspected issue, with one individual sharing their ordeal with The Gleaner saying, "The pilot told us to prepare for a water landing and the highest emergency activated at MBJ," adding the harrowing detail, "We were told the aircraft lost pressure." However, the Airbus A321 managed to safely return to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, where passengers usually deplaned. Spirit Airlines afterward confirmed the mechanical problem did not compromise flight safety, as reported by CBS News.

In the chaos captured by passenger Bettina Rogers and posted on TikTok, the video featured the ominous sounds of alert chimes and showed passengers equipped with quickly provided safety vests. Some life jackets spilled onto the author's floor as they were evacuating the aircraft. Rogers recalled an initial reassurance from the pilot that there was "nothing to be alarmed about," then, within minutes, the serious instruction to "Prepare for emergency water landing," as told to Local 10 News.

Despite the frightening episode, passengers later continued their journey to Fort Lauderdale, arriving nearly 45 minutes behind schedule, FlightAware data reported. Spirit Airlines issued a statement acknowledging the distress caused to its guests and asserting that the affected aircraft would undergo a thorough inspection by its maintenance team. "Safety is our top priority, and the aircraft will be thoroughly evaluated by our maintenance team," the airline firmly stated, followed by an apology for any inconvenience caused to its passengers, as per Local10.

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