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Published on May 22, 2024
Memphis Under Siege by Persistent Storms as National Weather Service Cautions on Severe Weather RiskSource: Unsplash/ Daoudi Aissa

Memphis braces for a severe weather punch as the National Weather Service forecasts an onslaught of rain and thunderstorms for the coming week. Starting today, residents can expect a high chance of precipitation, reaching an 80% likelihood, with showers and thunderstorms mainly hitting before 5pm. Winds should remain steady around 10 mph from the south southwest, and while new rainfall may range between a quarter to a half inch, some storms could turn severe.

The temperamental skies aren't letting up tonight either, with the NWS predicting a 60% chance of continued tumult – storms are on the evening's menu, predominantly before 9 pm, followed by possible thunderstorms after 4 am. The potential severity of these storms hangs heavy, like the 68°F nighttime low that's forecasted. Along with the treacherous conditions, Memphis might be soaked in up to three quarters of an inch of rain before dawn breaks.

Thursday won't grant any reprieve, as the clouds look to unleash more showers and possible thunderstorms throughout the day, persisting until the evening. The mercury will hover near 83°F under south southwest breezes. The NWS warns of severe weather again, as the region seems trapped in a loop of atmospheric rage. Although precipitation is expected to be less than a tenth of an inch in general, thunderstorms—or more precisely, their unpredictable hearts—could bring greater amounts.

Looking towards the weekend, the same story of sunless days continues. The chance of showers and storms perches at 50% for Friday, and while partly sunny skies might offer a glimpse of respite, the forecast indicates little drift from the week's damp narrative. Nights draw a similar pattern, with a uniform probability of storms raggedly penciled in - even as daylight fades into the promise of a 69°F low, peace seems a distant hope.

Saturday's weather script seems to read off the same pages, with a 50% chance of more showers and storms written in the clouds. Moving into Sunday, the pattern holds strong, but with a spike in temperatures as highs might reach up to nearly 90°F. Memphis’s weather story for the week looks to be one of relentless rain and brooding clouds, sparing not even Memorial Day from the meteorological unrest, although chances for showers slightly diminish to 30%. The NWS has detailed this forecast on their website, where updates are continuously posted.