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Published on May 28, 2024
Miami's Square Pie City Pizzeria Engulfed in Early Morning Blaze, One Person Receives Medical CareSource: Google Street View

Early Tuesday morning, firefighters rushed to douse a fire that engulfed Square Pie City, a popular Detroit-style pizza restaurant in Miami. According to Local 10, the alarms blared close to 6 a.m. at the establishment located at 3918 N. Miami Ave., where smoke billowed from the building but flames weren’t visible from the street.

Heavy damage was reported by officials at the pizzeria, as a woman, living in the space with her dog on the second floor of the same building, sensed the danger after smelling smoke and evacuated. It was not long before a man could be seen receiving medical attention, as he was being put into a fire rescue truck. The restaurant's distress signals were apparent, enveloping the vicinity in a cloud of uncertainty as the day's operations were abruptly halted.

NBC Miami coverage showed an array of fire trucks and Miami's bravest interrupting the usual hum of the morning bustle, closing roads and forming a perimeter around the chaos. Ladders were erected, touching the sky as fire crews ventured into the smoldering building and onto its roof, demonstrating the severity of the situation.

The closed stretch between 39th Street and Northwest 40th Street along North Miami Avenue resulted in detours with Northwest 2nd Avenue offered as an alternative route. As the fire ascended, reaching for the second floor where residential quarters lay, one could witness the reality of the blaze, the repercussions heavier than the smoke that rose, as a stretcher carried an unmistakeable testament to the event’s gravity—a person in need of care on the scene.

While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, the community feels the weight of this loss. The convergence of their favorite pizza haven now lies in ruin, an emblem of social respite now stands silenced. No further details have emerged as authorities continue to probe into the incident's origin, preserving the remaining echoes of Square Pie City's former warmth.

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