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Published on May 28, 2024
Minneapolis Community Shaken by Brutal Dog Attack and Subsequent House Fire in Lyn Park NeighborhoodSource: Facebook / Minneapolis Police Department

A Minneapolis neighborhood is reeling from a double dose of tragedy this week after a vicious dog attack followed by a spectacular fire, devastating residents on the same block. According to FOX 9, a mother and her two young children were savagely mauled by two dogs in the Lyn Park neighborhood of North Minneapolis. Just days later, the home of the dog owner was engulfed in flames.

"We were already traumatized, and then we had a second horrific, traumatizing event," Kim Smith, the neighborhood watch captain, told FOX 9. Surveillance footage captured the terrifying scene as the family was attacked in their own backyard by the neighbor's dogs, leading to severe injuries for the mother, Angel Jackson, who remains hospitalized.

In the aftermath of the attack, the Minneapolis Police Department along with Minneapolis Animal Care and Control stepped in to investigate the incident with the dogs immediately impounded. As the community processed the shock, a fire broke out at the residence of the dog's owner within the same week, compounding the trauma. "We cannot assume anything because we do not know how that happened," Smith stated, emphasizing the ongoing investigation into the fire's cause as reported by FOX 9.

Moments before the mauling, neighbors heard distraught cries with one child exclaiming, "They are killing my mommy." Ron Swengel, a neighbor, recounted to CBS Minnesota, the harrowing effort to fend off the dogs. Community members expressed prior concerns about the animals, having reported multiple nuisance incidents to animal control, an unease validated in the wake of the attack.

The community is rallying around the victims, with a GoFundMe set up to aid with medical bills. "She took the brunt because she was covering her child and trying to fight off these dogs," Smith described the heroic actions of Angel Jackson, according to Smith’s interview with FOX 9. As investigations unfold, the neighborhood stands united, seeking to support both the mauled family and grappling with the fallout of the subsequent blaze.