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Published on May 24, 2024
Minneapolis' Webber-Camden Neighborhood Set for Natural Gas Infrastructure Upgrades Through 2024Source: CenterPoint Energy - Minnesota

Minneapolis residents in the Webber-Camden Neighborhood can expect some major upgrades to their natural gas infrastructure beginning in early July, the work is slated to continue into the fall of 2024. According to a bulletin from CenterPoint Energy, the utility company's authorized contractors will take on the task of enhancing the natural gas lines in the area to ensure better resistance against corrosion and leaks.

The upgrades outlined by CenterPoint Energy indicate a multi-step process. Contractors will initially bore the main beneath the sidewalks on certain blocks. Service lines will then be replaced or reconnected, based on their current condition. Moreover, a specialized technician will schedule a time to relocate inside gas meters to the outside of homes, a job that will require homeowners to grant access for approximately two to three hours. reported CenterPoint Energy.

After the main gas work is completed, the company plans to fill in any excavations temporarily with dirt or gravel until permanent restoration can take place. This interim measure will precede the final restoration process, where concrete will be laid or seeding for grass will occur, capped off with biodegradable netting.

Residents looking for more information or updates on the progress can visit CenterPoint Energy's website. Questions can also be directed to Hannah Gullickson, the company’s Communication Specialist, via phone at 612-321-5546 or through email at [email protected]. The energy company has expressed gratitude for its customers' patience during the infrastructure upgrades that span from 44th Avenue N. to Dowling Avenue N and, from Humboldt Avenue N. to 6th Street N.