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Published on May 15, 2024
NTSB Investigating After Small Plane Crashes in Williamson County WoodlandSource: X/WCSO Franklin TN

A small plane crash in Williamson County is currently under investigation after first responders began a search and rescue operation Wednesday afternoon. The incident involving a Beech V35 aircraft occurred in a wooded area, near Bending Chestnut Road and Davis Hollow Road, not long after midday. The number of passengers aboard at the time of the crash remains undisclosed.

Following the crash, authorities have been on the scene attempting to ascertain the details of the incident. According to WSMV, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is in charge of the investigation. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, first alerted social media users to the event on Wednesday and, advised the public to steer clear, of the area to enable an unhindered rescue and recovery effort.

In conjunction with local first responders, the sheriff's office has undertaken the rescue mission. The wooded locale presents challenges to the search and rescue teams, but efforts are unabated to locate any survivors and to understand the circumstances that led to this accident.

Information continues to be scarce as the situation unfolds. However, the Sumner County Source echoed requests to avoid the impacted area. Additionally, updates are expected, as more information comes to light, with the WCSO keeping the public informed via their social media channels.

The incident has drawn attention to the risks associated with small aircraft travel, though the specifics of this crash, including potential causes and the identity of those onboard, are yet to be revealed. The WCSO confirmed that they would provide updates as they become available.