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Published on May 27, 2024
Oakland Firefighters Tackle Intense Four-Alarm Blaze at Economy Lumber YardSource: Oakland Fire Department

A mammoth blaze set an Oakland lumber yard alight Sunday evening, with firefighters waging a war against the four-alarm fire that raged through Economy Lumber. The blinding smoke and searing heat could not deter the brigade of at least 75 firefighters who made strides in subduing the inferno, as reported by NBC Bay Area.

Michael Hunt of Oakland Fire stated that the blaze in the 700 block of High Street sharply escalated from a two-alarm to a four-alarm emergency within a mere half-hour. Engulfing the main building, the fire necessitated a dramatic upscaling response, per NBC Bay Area's account. In a tactful play, residents were promptly advised to close windows and doors, barricading themselves against the perilous smoke that swept through the neighborhood.

The fire's disruption rippled beyond the borders of the lumber yard, clawing its way to the veins of transportation. "Rail travel near the site has been halted in both directions," conveyed the report from Oakland Fire via NBC Bay Area news. Interstate Highway 880 skirting High Street, saw vehicles crawling sluggishly due to fire-related diversions. Oakland Fire's communications weave a narrative of halted lives and shifting daily rhythms.

To measure the lungs of the atmosphere, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District was called, its verdict on the air's purity pending. Meanwhile, the source of the fire remains a tight-lipped secret, resisting the probing eyes of the authorities, according to Oakland Fire's updates. No injuries were confirmed, a thin silver lining in the thick pall of smoke that clouded over Oakland that evening.