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Published on May 29, 2024
Pima County Proposes Hefty Tax Increases, Sets Stage for Fiscal Debate on June 18Source: Unsplash/ Towfiqu barbhuiya

Taxpayers of Pima County, brace yourselves for a wallet pinch. Come June 18, at the crack of 9 a.m., the Board of Supervisors Hearing Room will be the stage for a debate over proposed tax hikes that could see residents forking over more dough to the government. Slated to be under the community microscope are increases targeting the Flood Control District, Library District, and the County’s primary property piggy bank. Folks looking to have their say or merely spectate can do so at the Pima County Administration Building, 130 W. Congress, 1st Floor, where the pivotal public hearings will unfold.

A notice, courtesy of the Pima County Flood Control District, spells it out: expect to pay an additional 5.79% on secondary property taxes. The damage? An extra $1.81 on your tax bill for every Ben Franklin valuation on your homestead—32.71 smackers on a home valued at $100,000, as per the warning published on the county's news site. Without this boost, you'd owe a modest $30.92.

Not to be left out, the Pima County Free Library District is eyeing a 5.05% surge in its slice of the tax pie. If the powers that be get their wish, book lovers will need to cough up $55.37 in secondary property taxes on the same $100,000 valuation—a subtle bump from last year's $52.71 tab.

The County’s primary property tax rate, however, takes the cake with a proposed leap of 6.52%. Let's break it down: A home with a 100-grand tag faces a primary property tax bill of $409.90—thanks to the proposed increase, a spike from the current $384.80 charge. Seems like the county coffers are in for a windfall, if all goes according to their plan.

For those unable to make it in person, the hearings will be streamed—giving every concerned citizen a front-row seat to the financial future of Pima County. Plug into the action via the Board of Supervisors Agenda page or catch the livestream on YouTube, or for a more old-school approach, tune into Cox Cable Channel 96. And for the real enthusiasts, the Daily Territorial will publish the official 'Truth in Taxation' public hearing notices on June 3 and June 10, with the Ajo Copper News following suit on May 29 and June 5. Pencil it in your calendars folks, because these meetings might just decide how much thinner your wallet gets.