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Published on May 15, 2024
Postmaster General DeJoy Delays USPS 'Delivering for America' Plan Changes in Atlanta Amid Legislative PressureSource: Wikipedia/Daniel Afzal, United States Postal Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In a substantial pivot, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has agreed to place a temporary hold on changes being made at certain United States Postal Service facilities, including the Atlanta Regional Processing and Distribution Center in Palmetto. This decision comes after repeated calls from legislators to delay the "Delivering for America" plan, which aims to increase service efficiency across 60 facilities nationwide. According to a report by FOX 5 Atlanta, DeJoy has confirmed USPS will not proceed to further alter the facilities without first updating Congress.

Under pressure from bipartisan Senate recommendations, DeJoy agreed to, at least until Jan. 1, 2025, pause plans to shift mail processing operations at numerous USPS sites. As he penned in a May 9 letter to Sen. Gary Peters, "we will not advance these efforts without advising you of our plans to do so, and then only at a moderated pace of implementation." This pause highlights an attempt to thoroughly assess the potential impacts before resuming any major restructuring. Peters, as mentioned in a statement acquired by Federal News Network, expressed contentment over the decision but also emphasized the need for more insight into the effects of the recent transportation alterations in Michigan.

Despite the delay, DeJoy remains adamant that the USPS must undergo changes to maintain financial sustainability and service reliability. He disclosed USPS plans to upgrade facilities and install new equipment, without resulting in the closure of facilities or layoffs of career employees. This point was underscored in a report by the Federal News Network, emphasizing the Postal Service's commitment to work with management associations and adhere to collective bargaining agreements where applicable.

It's worth noting that this postponement is a response to the pressure, as lawmakers had unsuccessfully sought to embed language into the fiscal 2024 spending deal that would block these USPS changes. After months of reporting on mail delays at the Palmetto center by FOX 5 Atlanta, the USPS had previously apologized, acknowledging local management was moving quickly to address customer concerns. In spite of the setbacks, DeJoy assured USPS will "continue to work hard to restore service in those areas impacted," striving towards a network that meets service expectations.