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Published on May 19, 2024
Queen Creek Town Council Approves $723.8M Budget with 60% Allocated to Infrastructure ProjectsSource: Google Street View

The Town Council of Queen Creek has given the green light to a hefty $723.8 million budget for the fiscal year 2024/25, earmarking a whopping 60% for infrastructure projects. Infrastructure items notably include transportation, public safety, water services, and park improvements. According to a report from, this budget, effective July 1, will also notably cut the overall spending from the previous year by 17%.

In a move to maintain essential community services and programs, Queen Creek officials have decided to manage to decrease the budget while avoiding any reduction in services to residents. Mayor Julia Wheatley expressed pride in the budget's strategic allocation of funds, stating, "Nearly 60 percent of this budget is for infrastructure investments, with nearly $160 million of that going to improvements related to transportation infrastructure," as obtained by The council shows a commitment to maintaining the town's infrastructure and public safety standards despite the budget reduction.

Further details indicate that public safety takes precedence, with the budget introducing 48 new positions for Queen Creek Police Department and significant investments into critical police and fire/medical facilities. The budget also alludes to a secure future for the town, allocating $40 million for water rights acquisitions, which are key to reducing dependence on groundwater.

Life in Queen Creek seems set to continue to thrive, as the town plans to fork out over $73 million into the recreation sector, including a new Recreation & Aquatic Center. Additionally, the town is to add 27 new full-time positions spanning various municipal services. This is to ensure government effectiveness as the town continues to grow. The cherry on top? Residents will enjoy a tax cut, with a reduction in the primary property tax rate, outlined according to

Last but not least, shoppers can breathe a sigh of relief as the .25% Town Center sales tax is set to be axed come October 1, sparing businesses in the Town Center from the additional charge initially meant to offset Ellsworth Loop's development costs. By paying off the debt early, the town is to avoid a potential $309,000 in interest fees. For a full look at the fiscal game plan, details are available for the public's viewing at