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Published on May 19, 2024
Round Rock ISD Police Chief Resigns Amid Allegations of Delayed Response to On-Bus AssaultSource: Unsplash / Michael Fortsch

The chief of police for Round Rock ISD, Dennis Weiner, has vacated his post, allegedly due to the district's sluggish response to criminal investigations, including a claimed sexual assault on a school bus. Citing a letter Weiner penned to the RRISD superintendent, KXAN reported that there were serious delays in the inquiry into an incident on April 12 where a 5-year-old was purportedly assaulted.

According to Weiner, the bus driver who reportedly witnessed the assault did not report it to police. The district's leadership reviewed video evidence by April 15, yet still, authorities were not alerted. Weiner asserted that ongoing communication failures meant the victim suffered "additional trauma" by unknowingly taking the same bus to school subsequently on Monday. Further review revealed prior assaults on the same route by the identified older student aggressor.

Weiner also expressed in his letter that the district's actions hindered the police department’s ability to protect students. Following these events, Weiner reached out to the Texas Attorney General's Office, requesting a probe into the district’s actions and the conduct of the district leadership. Reacting to the allegations, board members Danielle Weston and Mary Bone issued a statement, reported by KXAN, expressing "shock and concern for the students, families and staff in our schools." They stressed that parents have a right to fully understand the ongoings within schools to safeguard their children effectively. Moreover, Weston undertook to push for an immediate special meeting to deliberate on the accusations.

In response, a Round Rock ISD spokesperson disputed Weiner's claims, stating, "The content of Mr. Weiner's letter inaccurately represents personnel matters, and an incident involving minors. All incidents involving students have been addressed in accordance with applicable law and district policy," as per a video posted on YouTube. Lauren Griffith will temporarily assume the role of chief for the Round Rock ISD Police Force following Weiner's departure.