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Published on May 19, 2024
San Antonio's CentroMed Hit by Major Cyberattack, Personal Data of 350K Patients Possibly ExposedSource: Unsplash/ Markus Spiske

San Antonio healthcare provider CentroMed has fallen victim to a cyberattack, potentially compromising the personal information of 350,000 current and former patients. As reported by Express News, the breach ranks as the ninth-largest reported to the Texas Attorney General's Office since the enactment of notification laws.

This isn't the first time CentroMed has been targeted by cybercriminals, having experienced a similar situation in June of 2023. According to a news release, on or about April 30, 2024, an "unauthorized party accessed some of its systems," confirmed by KSAT 12 News, which could include patient names, Social Security numbers, and financial account details.

The infiltration became evident when CentroMed began experiencing significant interference with their online network, causing patient care and scheduling appointments to become exceptionally challenging. Subsequent to KSAT 12 News report on the disruptions faced by patients, only days prior, the healthcare provider acknowledged the breach and initiated countermeasures to bolster their IT security.

Patients entangled in the data debacle are urged by CentroMed to keep a wary eye on their healthcare statements and to immediately report any discrepancies, as well as scrutinize their financial account statements for suspicious transactions. The company, having expressed deep regrets over the incident, is taking measures to avoid future breaches by implementing "additional safeguards and technical security measures," as detailed in their official statement to KSAT.

In the wake of the cyberattack, CentroMed has been actively notifying impacted individuals and has established resources for affected parties. They've posted information on their website and set up a call center reachable at 888-990-8424 on weekdays, barring holidays, from 8 AM to 8 PM Central Time. Those seeking more details about the breach can also call 888-220-4763 within the same hours, further demonstrating the institution's response to the crisis.