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Published on May 25, 2024
San Antonio's Jefferson Neighborhood: A Story of Love, Entrepreneurship, and Community Commitment Source: Google Street View

A couple's journey in the historic Jefferson neighborhood of San Antonio weaves a tale of love, entrepreneurship, and community as chronicled by San Antonio Report. Jacob Valenzuela, a lifelong resident of Jefferson since he was ten, planted his roots deep into the local ground by acquiring historic properties and opening Deco Pizzeria, which became a cherished gathering spot for neighbors over its 13 years of operation.

The neighborhood was more than just a backdrop for business; it set the scene for a burgeoning romance between Valenzuela and Edward Benavides, according to the San Antonio Report, their story began with a chance encounter through community service and flourished into a partnership grounded in their common love for the city and its history, they reconnected years later and discovered they lived just a block apart after a meet-cute at a local saloon.

Benavides, a dedicated public servant with nearly two decades under his belt, focuses on community mental health, while Valenzuela shifted from running a pizzeria to spearheading a nonprofit that offers educational scholarships for local students. This commitment to the area is reflected in their enjoyment of Jefferson’s unique architecture, the convenience of living close to work, and the value of having friends and family within reach.

Adding to their connection with the neighborhood, the couple recently took on the project of renovating a 98-year-old house once owned by Valenzuela's great-uncle and aunt, a labor of love described by Valenzuela as "creating a beautiful, unique space with details reflecting who we are individually and as a couple," as he told San Antonio Report; they tackled the challenges head-on and stamped their personal touch across the abode, now affectionately dubbed the “Benazuela” home, marking their increased investment in the community they adore.

As they settle into their thoughtfully reimagined family home, Valenzuela and Benavides stand as testimony to the lasting allure of Jefferson, cherishing every day in a neighborhood that has given them so much, including each other.