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Published on May 26, 2024
Santa Rosa Police Seize Loaded Gun at Andy's Unity Park, Juvenile and Adult DetainedSource: Santa Rosa Police Department

Officers from the Santa Rosa Police Department's Special Enforcement Team made a loaded firearm discovery during a patrol at Andy's Unity Park on Saturday. In a routine intervention, they spotted a juvenile trying to hastily ditch a concealed Poly-80 style handgun with an extended clip, the department said. This finding led to the immediate detention of the youngster and another adult, Eligio Reynoso-Hernandez, at the park located at 3399 Moorland Avenue.

The inspection began around 5:03 pm when officers quickly took action and noticed multiple individuals in a vehicle. According to police reports, the officers spotted one youth trying to swiftly discard the loaded gun, equipped to fire 30-plus rounds, near the vehicle. Loaded with a 9mm round in the chamber and 29 more in the magazine, the weapon was seized along with a knife from Reynoso-Hernandez, which violated his probation terms.

The name of the juvenile will not be disclosed, but their possessions resulted in several felony charges, including carrying a loaded firearm and a concealed weapon in a public place and being a minor in possession of a handgun and ammunition. Additionally, the youngster was wanted on an outstanding warrant from Mendocino County. Reynoso-Hernandez also faced consequences and was booked into the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility.

The SRPD Special Enforcement Team’s purpose, to relentlessly pursue the rise in illegal firearms and gun violence in Santa Rosa, seemed to be clear as they stated their commitment to a safer community. "The Santa Rosa Police Department is committed to making the City of Santa Rosa a safe place to live, work, and play," they emphasized in a public message.