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Published on May 24, 2024
Selfless Volunteer Earns 2023 Volunteer of the Year Honors From Duncanville PoliceSource: Duncanville Police Department

The Duncanville Police Department took to social media to honor an individual whose dedication to community service has earned her the title of 2023 Volunteer of the Year. Described by her peers as "the most selfless, dedicated, and caring person I have had the opportunity to work with," Ms. Steger's altruism shone brightly as she was recognized for her contributions on behalf of the Duncanville Police Department.

Graduating from the 61st Citizen Police Academy, Ms. Steger quickly became an indispensable part of the Duncanville Police, serving as the department's point of contact for the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association of North Texas. In a Facebook post, the Duncanville Police Department praised her generous spirit, noting that "Everything she does is done with kindness and without seeking reimbursement or anything in return."

Among the many volunteer tasks Steger has embarked on, she employed her seamstress skills to mend uniforms for the force. Additionally, she dedicated countless hours to crafting handmade teddy bears, later donated to the police department. One of the officers described her as "the epitome of the phrase 'Service above Self.'" These endeavors by Ms. Steger are not only acts of service but represent a physical manifestation of comfort and care within the community.

The department's recognition highlights a crucial facet of our society, where volunteers like Ms. Steger operate as the lifeblood of community engagement and support. The Duncanville community has been encouraged to express their gratitude towards Ms. Steger's selflessness and commitment to bettering the lives around her through her generous acts of service. The hashtag #cityofchampions, attached to the announcement, mirrors the sentiment that Duncanville is a city fortunate to have residents who are champions of goodwill, much like Ms. Steger herself.