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Published on May 29, 2024
Springfield Police Detain 16-Year-Old for Illegal Firearms Possession After FIU InvestigationSource: Springfield Police Department

Springfield police nabbed a 16-year-old boy last night after conducting a months-long investigation into illegal firearms possession. The Springfield Police Department's Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU), led by Sergeant Christopher Hitas, caught the juvenile with a loaded gun after receiving a tip-off about his whereabouts.

Authorities hedged in on the 0-100 block of Pomona Street, laying eyes on the suspect in the vicinity of Sorrento Street and Alderman Street. When detectives tried to approach, the young man bolted, clutching what appeared to be a gun in his waistband. In a chase that led to an apartment on Pomona Street, live ammunition was then seen flying from a window to the ground below.

The officers promptly entered the apartment and apprehended the suspected teen. The gun believed to be carried by the teenager was later discovered on Ranney Street, purportedly abandoned as he fled from the law enforcement agents.

The detained minor, whose identity remains shielded by the law due to his age, was already the focus of the existing FIU investigation. Details about the operation were made available in a news release issued by the Springfield Police on their official website. Despite the severity of the situation, the authorities have withheld the juvenile's name and mugshot from the public, adhering to legal protocols concerning underage offenders.